Creating your own IT product — how can we help you go this way


This is a proposal article. We won’t tell you what is right and what is not necessary to do when creating your product.

What we offer

We offer you to create your own solution based on Falcon Space. This will allow you to quickly make a basic demo of your solution for customers. You can make a decision either on your own (if you are a developer who knows SQL), or on our own (for a regular customer development project).

Advantages of using the platform

Possibility of improvements to solutions

Ability to modify the solution for the customer — each instance of the solution can be separately modified for the client. The fact is that very rarely a ready-made boxed solution 100% meets all the needs of the customer. Therefore, it is very important to be able to modify the solution for yourself (i.e. for your customer)..

Low cost of ownership

To develop your solution, just one person who knows MS SQL Server (writing stored procedures) and Bootstrap 4 (HTML layout) is enough. In the case of classic Fullstack development, you need a whole Department of specialists.

Typical user-friendly interface

The platform by default has a nice responsive and flexible interface for personal accounts. Due to the standardization of the interface, development is accelerated and the introduction of new functionality is greatly simplified.

High development speed

The implementation of the functionality on the platform implies the use of only standard components with a minimum of custom (JS, CSS). Everything depends only on the speed of creating stored procedures in SQL. Almost any element is managed via a particular SQL stored procedure.

A large amount of various features

The system has a large number of different features that you can gradually use with your solution. These are chats, integration with Telegram, directories, universal API, localization, more than 50 controls in the form, and much more. For the full list, see the platform updates, which can be added to your solution after updating the platform core.

Action plan for creating your own solution

If you found our offer interesting, then I suggest this roadmap:

1. Learn the platform in its basic form

See demo stand of components of the system. Watch demo of ready-made solutions. Learn the general features of the system.

2. Describe your solution

Come up with your own version of the solution and describe it in the form of a project concept. To do this, you can use our project concept template.

3. Contact us

Use chat or Whatsapp to contact us. Give information about what decision you want to make and what background you have in your chosen field and technical skills

4. Trial work on the platform

If you make the decision yourself, we will provide you with a demo stand for testing. This way, you will be able to feel the platform from the inside and understand how it is suitable for your project.

5. Partner contract

We conclude a partnership agreement, where we prescribe conditions for the sale of licenses, discounts, and the order of interaction.

6. Creating a solution

Either we create a solution for you as a customer for a development project, or you independently create a solution based on the platform with our advice on problem points.

7. Promotion of the product

You start promoting your created product: you write content for it, create demo access, run ads, process incoming leads, etc.You start promoting your created product: you write content for it, create demo access, run ads, process incoming leads, etc.

8. Sales of solutions and improvements for the client

You sell the solution to your customers and coordinate with them improvements and adaptations of your solution for them (the project of improvements). we advise and help solve technical problems on the use of the platform.


If you have a good experience with SQL and Bootstrap, then you can master the platform in 2–3 weeks.